Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Challenge: THANK Your Grocer

Front and center:
Organic grassfed beef, $5.99/lb.
It does not specifically say "grass-finished",
but in my view this is Giant responding
to market demand, so it is a good thing,
grass-finished or no.
I know of lots of paleo-leaning folks who have managed to arrive at near or total self-sufficiency - they raise their own meat, own egg-laying chickens, and grow Martha Stewart photo op worthy produce.

Me? So not there. I'd like to keep learning ways to do things on my own. For now, though, I still rely heavily on grocery stores in my neighborhood to keep us going. In addition, I rely on Amazon, Vitacost, and US Wellness Meats to supplement what I haven't managed to source steadily, locally.

In the past year we've bought 2 halves of grassfed cows from a couple of local farmers. Now, our freezer is just running bare, save a few packages of offal that I need to tackle. Imagine my great delight, then when I was strolling through Giant today and saw ORGANIC GRASSFED BEEF on the shelves! I was so delerious...there may or may not have been dancing. Right away I ran to the closest section manager and like a rockstar's giddy fan-girl, blubbered my irrational level of gratefulness for Giant now carrying organic grassfed beef.

At checkout, I also thanked the cashier, a sweet lady that I see in Giant all the time. I know that she probably had nothing to do with the beef now being stocked, but I believe that every positive remark has to stand out against a steady tide of grumbling in the grocery business.

I have a little challenge for you guys. This next week, if you have a grocery store visit planned before Thanksgiving, think about at least one thing you love about that grocery store. It is Thanskgiving week - people are out there feeling rushed, stressed, and impatient for PIE. Make an effort to be one little beam of sunshine for your cashier, for your grocery store manager. Show them kindness and encourage them for what they're doing really well. Track down the customer service comment box and write a positive note about how an employee's helpfulness made your shopping trip easier. It just might make their day!

Have you said, "Thank you!" to someone at your local grocery store lately?

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