Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hot Deal: Organic Gluten Free Coconut Flour at Rock Bottom Prices!

Something flickered on my radar today as I was shopping Vitacost to restock on cod liver oil. It turns out that there is a deal on Let's Do Organic! Coconut Flour - the currently listed price is $3.65 for a 16 oz. bag. I can't remember the last time I saw organic gluten free coconut flour that cheap. (I usually see 1 lb. bags of coconut flour in the $5-$10 range, as a point of reference.) At the rate I've been baking lately with the cold temps, coconut flour is becoming our household's hottest commodity.

If you haven't bought from Vitacost before, you can get $10 free credit just for signing up (sign up is free) for their Vitacost Rewards. This $10 credit is good on purchases of $30 or more.

Here's one way to work a deal so that you can get that coconut flour even more cheaply.
  1. Go create a Vitacost Rewards account to claim the $10 free credit, and make sure that the credit redemption code is emailed to you.

    Optional step: Using your ebates account (creating one is free), be sure to click to through ebates to get 4% cash back on your Vitacost purchase.
  2. Once at, search for "Let's Do Organic Coconut Flour." Add three bags to your shopping cart. Your cart total will be $10.95 for the coconut flour; you will need $19.05 worth of other items to reach the $30 required to use the $10 credit.

    Vitacost is a great resource for vitamins and supplements, but also for as other inexpensively priced gluten free baking staples like extra virgin coconut oil, almond flour, and raw honey. You can get a 54 oz. tub of extra virgin coconut oil for a little over $20, for one suggestion.
  3. On your shopping cart page, their is a promo code window at the top. Enter your $10 code into that window and redeem.
  4. Proceed through the checkout process. You'll also get 4% cash back on that if you went through ebates.
This price an absolutely unbeatable deal for three 1 lb. bags of coconut flour! How do you think you'd use the flour for your baking projects this month?

This post contains affiliate links to Vitacost Rewards and ebates. Shopping through these links results in Primal Kitchen receiving a referral bonus at no cost to you - thank you for supporting Primal Kitchen! :)


  1. Just an aside that I find that Let's Do Organic coconut flour to perform a little differently in baking recipes compared to the other coconut flours I've used (Bob's Red Mill & Wilderness Family Naturals). LDO CF seems to be a fluffier, whiter product with bigger particles that absorb more moisture. It has less of a flour consistency - more like super finely ground coconut. The difference might be due to being made from a different type of coconut product than the other brands I have used. Not saying LDO CF isn't a good product, just that acts differently enough in some baked good recipes (developed for CF) that one should try it out before deciding to stock up on it.

  2. Good to know - thanks! i haven't yet tried this brand's coconut flour myself but I do enjoy the other Let's Do Organic coconut products.


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