Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bone Broths and Packed Lunches

Thermos of bone broth in the sunshine.
I'll bet she never gets sick.
(Via the Library of Congress on Flickr.)
Bone broth is a cornerstone of any healthy ancestral diet - whether you identify as "just eat real food", Weston A. Price Foundation, paleo, primal, or any other diet based in nutrient-dense foods.

Broths and stock made from scratch using the bones of naturally-raised animals can offer up gelatin and trace minerals - like a warm, soothing multivitamin that you can sip. Broth made from scratch has been demonstrated to have anti inflammatory properties, and to aid in regulating the immune system. Who wouldn't want some immune system regulation, especially with the colder temps coming up?

However, there tend to be logistical complications with bringing bone broth to school or work. Though bone broth is a wonderful and nutritious addition to any meal, and considered an essential part of the GAPS diet, it's sometimes tough to figure out tidy and appetizing ways to consume bone broth away from home.

There are a few "outside the box" ways to get bone broth into your away-from-home lunch and snacks. One is to simply slurp down a few "cubes" of cold gelled broth. No smell, no worrying about heating the broth - it is a fast (if not that appetizing) way to get some broth in your belly.

For adults, there is often the option of using a smaller appliance discretely at work, to heat bone broth by itself or as part of a leftover soup or stew. One simple and inexpensive option is a coffee mug warmer to gently heat your broth in a ceramic coffee cup. You could also reheat broth in a mini 2-cup capacity crock pot if your office permitted it. I've even seen a handled thermos with a metal inner bowl that you can cradle on a warming dock at your office.

Microwaves, too, are an option, but a lot of ancestral health folks avoid those, especially if on GAPS, in a bid to preserve the structural/nutritional integrity of the broth. (The jury is out for me on how much microwaves actually change bone broth.)

A no-appliance method for warm broth consumption is to find yourself a high performance, reliable stainless steel or ceramic thermos. (I love my Nissan thermos - it's served me very well for years.) This way, you can transfer bone broth straight from your slow cooker into your thermos, and enjoy sips of warm broth at your leisure all day long. The thermos is definitely the friendliest option if you are in close, shared quarters with coworkers - because some people relish a long simmered broth, and others can do without the smell lingering. It is a great option, too, for picnics, or day trips and road trips, making travelling a little more flexible even for those who need bone broth every day, like GAPS patients.

When it comes to my 2.5 year old, who is on the GAPS diet, I've elected to keep bone broth a staple at home. Since she comes home from preschool less than an hour after her lunchtime with her teachers and classmates, it's easy for me to offer her bone broth before and after preschool to avoid having to figure out ways to get it in her tummy when she's at preschool.

What methods do you use to get more bone broth into your day? Do you have a bone broth ninja method to share?

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  1. I haven't found a recipe yet, so make have to create my own. There must be a way to make egg custard with bone broth, so it's portable.


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