Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Idea: 3 Green & Black's Organic Chocolate Bars, Shipped, for Only $4.99

Here's yet another of the myriad ways you could use the limited time $10 off ANY purchase coupon that's out right now.

If you're looking for a nice stocking stuffer surprise, you can add three very large (5.5 oz.) bars of Green & Black's organic chocolate (my favorite brand!), to your cart, which would total $9.57. The $10 off any purchase coupon will cover this total, so you'll pay just $4.99 as the shipping fee for the 3 bars of chocolate - which amounts to about $1.66/bar, extremely cheap for this normally-retails-around-$4 super delicious chocolate.

In fact, if you're planning way ahead, you could send these chocolate bars to another household (say, your brother and his family across the country?) and instruct the recipient to label them as being from you before they slip them into their stockings.

OR, consider $1.66 a very cheap price for a high quality chocolate to include in a Christmas gift basket for teachers and others who support you and your family throughout the year.

What deal have you decided to catch using your $10 off any coupon on at

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  1. Thanks for the coupon (and hope you get $10 for me signing up). I went with two jars of sunbutter and four bars of Endangered Species Chocolate Extreme Dark Black Panther @ 88% which will last me a long time.

    The bento boxes you make your child look delicious. Do you have to keep your laptop-lunchbox flat to keep the ingredients from mixing or do they have leak-proof lids? I want a 3-part version for myself! One large, two medium and a container for salsa/dressing.


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