Monday, July 15, 2013

Road Trip Paleo Finger Food: Prosciutto-Wrapped Sugar Snap Peas

This is my new favorite finger food, snack food, lunch food, whatever! They would make an especially great summertime hors d'ouevre, because of the portability, snackability, and the way the cold, sweet, crunchy snap peas are enveloped by a layer of salty porky prosciutto goodness. I will definitely be making these for our upcoming road trip; talk about an easy low carb snack food that we all enjoy!

My two young daughters are also keen on these; the whole plate of snap peas was cleaned out about 5 minuter after I photographed them. It is a great dish for kid-friendly assembly, so have your little ones join in the fun of wrapping the snap peas! Don't worry about perfection - you can wrap the peas with a little or a lot of prosciutto, and you can even wrap more than one snap pea in a little bundle!

Prosciutto-Wrapped Sugar Snap Peas
Makes up to 96

At least 96 sugar snap peas
1 lb. (32 thin slices) of prosciutto

Tear 1/3 off of a slice of prosciutto, and wrap it around a single snap pea. The prosciutto will "seal" on itself if these are wrapped snugly. Refrigerate until ready to serve.



  1. I do this with green beans - the skinny harcot vert - bundling 3-4 inside, sometimes with a little goat cheese - and then bake for a few minutes. It how I got my youngest to eat green beans. They are even great at room temperature. I brought a plate of them as an appetizer to a dinner party and they were a big hit.

  2. This is my 5 year old's 2 favorite foods! OMG, he will love me forever for this! Great, simple idea! Thank you!

  3. The Prosciutto Wrapped Sugar Snap Peas look amazing!


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