Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year Ahead {2013 Dawns} - a Primal Kitchen Giveaway

Now a couple of days on the other side of Christmas, we've cleaned up a lot of wrapping paper and packaging, and I'm finally getting a handle on planning to use some of the neat gifts I've been given.

My parents gave me some credit at my local yoga studio, for which I am extremely grateful. They also gave me a gift card with the stated purpose of finding some yoga clothing. My hope is to find some good on-sale fitness wear that I can use for both yoga and Crossfit - and since I've dropped a lot of weight, I now can really use that gift card to find more tops and bottoms in smaller sizes that fit. Though a year of Crossfit certainly made me stronger and generally fitter, yoga exposed a lot of my weaknesses, like flexibility and balance. I look forward to seeing what a couple of more months of yoga will bring to the table fitness-wise.

My in-laws really surprised me, with a smoker! (It was this year's Christmas gift and next year's birthday gift rolled into one.) Wow, it is cool! There are so many possibilities, but I am really excited about being able to buy pork in bulk locally and being able to smoke my own ham and bacon. How great to select the ingredients for our family's ham and bacon, so that my littlest can also enjoy it, too! And, admittedly, I cannot wait to smoke some roasts and baby back ribs in this bad boy. So, there are a lot of fun experiments and projects wrapped up in that present as well.
Wow, I wonder if this
model was hired because
of her resemblance to
Michelle Dockery...?

Fitness fun and kitchen fun. What can I say? Those made for a great Christmas, in my book.

Now, I want to throw a little more holiday cheer back out into the world to say "thanks" to all of my readers and commenters for a great 2012:

I'm giving away a Primal Kitchen classic lunchbox/kettlebell design T-shirt in the size/age/gender of the winner's choice! Yes, that means the winner can pick size of kids', women's, or men's tee!

Look for this, in the right hand column of Primal Kitchen,
and click "Join this site" to join!
If you are a follower via Google Friend Connect and you make a comment in this post with your favorite part about visiting Primal Kitchen, you are officially entered to win. I will use to generate a random number to chose the winning comment. I will also verify that your comment belongs to somebody in the "Google Friend Connect" list, so be sure that you also join there if you haven't already so that you aren't disqualified! To follow Primal Kitchen via Google Friend Connect, please go to the right hand column of the Primal Kitchen web home page and click the blue "Join this site" button!

So, three easy things: Join this site via Google Friend Connect (if you haven't already), make a comment (one per person, honor system!), and include in your comment your favorite part about visiting this site. Entries must be made before 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2012. The winner will be announced on New Year's Day (January 1, 2013).

Winner must claim prize within 48 hours of award being announced, otherwise winner forfeits prize and a new winner will be selected.


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  1. My favorite part? Lunchbox inspiration! We're homeschoolers but we have regular activities outside the home where we have to take meals for the kids and me. I had a really tough time wrapping my mind around road food until I began seeing all of the lunchbox inspiration here!

  2. My favorite part is getting ideas to use with my kids and sharing the health information I've learned with our patients in our chiropractic office. Keep the great posts coming!!!

  3. My favorite part is just getting new recipe ideas. I'm always looking for more inspiration when I've fallen into a recipe rut.

  4. My favorite part about visiting Primal Kitchen is all the great recipes. Thanks!

  5. Hi! I love the recipes and your down to earth writing style! Thanks for the giveaway. Please keep up the great work!

  6. as a newbie to primal lifestyle, I find the recipes fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  7. I have just started following your blog but have been following you on Twitter for a while. I've been exploring lunchbox options as my 4 year old is going to pre-school next year and I want to keep his lunch box yummy and primal!

  8. My favorite part of visiting Primal Kitchen is the lunchbox photos. I show them to my son (he's 13) in an effort to get him excited about eating primal. Even though we can't afford to give up the free school lunch (garbage) just yet, he is already making better choices. Even though your lunches are for much smaller children, My son still thinks they're pretty neat.

  9. Lunchbox inspiration, definitely. I love the ideas for how to creatively serve the lunches too (shapes, Benton boxes etc)

  10. My favorite part are all the recipes. I love finding new meals to share with my family.

  11. I agree that the lunch boxes are the best. With 5 kids to pack for daily, I need all the inspiration I can get!


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