Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scoring Summer Workout Clothes at Half Price: $25 Buys a $50 Voucher For Reebok

The summer heat is beating down this week - yesterday it was 90 degrees outside by about 10 a.m. Whew! Even for the early morning classes at my Crossfit box it's right around 70 degrees in the mornings. We have some gigantic fans going during those workouts, but I'm still sweating through my tees and capris.

Right now Groupon has a smashing Fourth of July deal - $25 buys you a $50 voucher good on the Reebok website! This voucher can be used on sale and clearance items, also. Shipping and returns on the Reebok website are free. Vouchers are limited in quantity.

Thanks to Crossfit and a paleo-style diet, I've managed to drop about 30 lbs. since Thanksgiving. So, I can safely say that this is the first summer in ages that I'm up for more breathable workout gear that allows a little more skin to the Reebok long bra top! Some of my Twitter peeps have long vouched for the Reebok long bra tops as a great choice for a no-show midriff because of its extra long body.

I really like this version of their long bra top - it has a cute light blue graphic pop, a breathable v-neck neckline (which also happens to flatter bustier wide-shouldered builds like mine), and a non-racerback v-back, which goes well with the my favorite nonracerback underwire sports bras. There are lots of styles and variations on the long bra tops, including racerbacks, so there is something for everyone.

There's also a ton of Crossfit gear on the Reebok website, including summertime-appropriate workout wear for men and women both! I'm also eyeing the 5" inseam WOD shorts these days.

I just ordered the blue long bra top shown above with my half price Groupon voucher this morning. Here's how I got it deeply discounted.

  • Purchase the Groupon voucher for $25.
  • Optional: Go to the ebates site and search for "Reebok" in the stores search field. I got 5% cash back posted to my ebates account by clicking to the Reebok store through ebates.
  • Load your cart with at least $50 worth of Reebok material. (In my case the long bra top was retail at exactly $50.)
  • Redeem your coupon code in the promotion code box in the checkout process (the voucher code is good to use on the Reebok site 24 hrs. after purchase on the Groupon website).
Since my top was an even $50 retail, I paid $25 for the Groupon voucher, plus whatever comes back from the ebates cash back (the cash back amount seems to vary between vendors and on types of promotional deals). Since Reebok long bra tops go for $35 and up on, that's quite a deal!

What workout wardrobe updates are you shopping for this summer?


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